Tuscany by bicycle: a travel around the beauty of Italy

The memories, like photographs, are a bit faded by the time, so I apologize if the description of the raid is not very detailed. What remained in my mind disinclined archiving (the memory has already begun to betray me even though I am still very young ... and considering this i'm a bit worried!) Is certainly the variety of the Tuscan landscape, as well as excellent food eaten in the farm where we were guests. The trip, this time carried out together with friends Alexander and Nicholas, started from the capital region: Florence. After a brief visit to the beautiful city of art, we started from Piazzale Michelangelo to Umbria. After tapping countries of Bibbiena, Monterchi, Anghiari, Gubbio, climbed Mount Pratomagno and visited the shrine of Chiusi della Verna, we reached our destination: Assisi.


Firenze - Reggello

Our first experience with bike trips start from the place indicated perhaps less a city? However, there is any city since it is one of the most beautiful cities of our country. And because our intention is always to combine a passion for two wheels to explore tour places we never visited Florence and the Tuscan hills, where many samples of cycling has grown, it seemed the right start. After a brief visit to the city of Florence then we have officially started the adventure from Piazzale Michelangelo. The first stage was a simple heating to Reggello where we stayed in a beautiful farm and we also granted a dip in the pool.

Reggello - Bibbiena

Nemmeno il tempo di immergersi nell'atmosfera vacanziera che la strada inizia già a salire: oggi ci aspetta un'asperità a noi del tutto sconosciuta: il Pratomagno. I primi chilometridi questo monte ci fanno subito capire che non ha nulla da invidiare ai nostri passi dolomitici e ad ogni pedalata malediciamo le nostre pesantissime borse. La fatica di raggiungere la vetta è del tutto ripagata dalla vista che si gode ai piedi della croce di ferro. La discesa sterrata per i primi chilometri è un vero spasso e la picchiata ci porta fino a Bibbiena dove stremati pernottiamo.

Bibbiena - Lippiano

No time to plunge into the holiday road starts to rise already today we expect roughness completely unknown to us: Pratomagno. The first chilometridi this mountain make us realize that has nothing to envy our Dolomite passes and curse at each ride our heavy bags. The effort to reach the summit is rewarded by the sight of all that can be enjoyed at the foot of the cross of iron. The first few miles down the dirt is a real fun and beat us up to spend the night Bibbiena where exhausted.

Lippiano - Gubbio

Today we expect a quiet stage, passing Citta di Castello, will take us up to Gubbio. This part of Umbria welcomes us with its fields of sunflowers and wheat fields the way there and spend the day pedaling weighs and chatting to our goal.

Gubbio - Assisi

The last leg of the first raid collectio bike will take us to the city of St. Francis. The alarm clock provided quite early allows us to visit Gubbio and leave quietly when the sun is already high. We leave behind the road already regretting the miles traveled and we would not reach Assisi there on our first trip ends and the next we have Projects ... what would be nice to go through Patagonia by bicycle.

Photogallery Tuscany

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