Unique landscapes dreamed as a child. The idea of freedom, of wild and generous nature, of danger and adventure... All of this is what has always awakened in me the thought of the mythical American West. A myth grew up watching Jonh Wayne's movies, listening to the memorable soundtracks of Ennio Morricone and admiring hundreds of photographs taken in those boundless landscapes ... And now the dream become reality. Fifteen days! This is the short period that I have given to myself (along with three other friends) to make a loop that lead us to discover the great national parks in the far west of the United States. Point of departure and arrival is set in the chaotic city of Los Angeles. Amid, immersion in the wilderness and majestic of large parks, departing from Grand Canyon, passing through the Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, the Archies N.P., Bryce Canyon, Yosemite N.P. .. During one stage and the other, some stops in the city to resume contact with the diverse mix of races that is the American people: first, shocking Las Vegas and then, relaxing San Francisco.

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