I'm going to take inspiration from an user's question to briefly explain how to create maps on Google Maps with our GPS tracks and then insert them on the blog. To understand what I am talking about, you can see an example down here or have a look to the section of the MTB itineraries on this website: each itinerary has a Google Maps track displayed above the description.
It is necessary to make a preliminary statement: depending on the use of the map, it's possible to insert our GPS tracks on Google Maps in many ways. I'll explain below how to insert these maps in a website created with Joomla 1.5 (the same applies to Joomla 2.5) and I will also sum up how to create your own maps containing our GPS tracks  directly on Google Maps, and then export them as frames in any html document.
In the case of our maps, available in the section MTB Itineraries and Trekking of Life in Travel, they are uploaded with a particular Joomla plugin, googlemap, which allows us to add a string of codes to make our maps appear in our blog contents. What you have to do is uploading by remote control a KML maps (Google Earth file format), previously created as we describe in the article How to prepare GPS tracks for the web (not jet translated), and then upload it with the string [mosmap kml = ' http: // mymapfile/ mytrack.kml] replacing square brackets with curly brackets. The plugin in question can reference to other file formats and has many other useful functions that you can discover on their official website.
A fundamental step to display your own maps on a website is to have a  Google API key to insert in the Administrator Control Panel of the plugin. For those who are interested in insert a Google Map in a website not created with Joomla I'll try to explain below the main steps to create your own maps and then export them in a frame in your website contents.
The steps are:
  1. if you don't have it yet, create a google account;
  2. Log in and then go to google maps;
  3. Enter the section My maps (upper left button);
  4. Click the button Create a new map (upper left button, just under My maps);
  5. Click the button Import above the form Map Title (also on the left);
  6. Select the kml file previously created (see here how to create kml files, better with less than 400 trackpoints) and save it on the pc;
  7. Once you have uploaded the file, your track will appear on the map;
  8. To export in a website or elsewhere the displayed map, click the upper right button Link. It is possible to export a frame in a website (HTML code) or export the direct link to the web page you are now displaying.
To plan our excursions, we have found useful and interesting some guides about how to create a GPS track with Google Earth. Another useful program for the development of our digital data is Mapsource. As always, if you need for clarification, ask anything down here.
Good mapping to you all
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