Cycling is a good way to see the countryside around Venice

The choice of bike for exploring the surrounding areas of Venice gives us the opportunity to really get to know its magic, its unique landscapes and the Venetian hospitality, offering a very wide range of itineraries, tours and accommodation. Here is what we believe is one of the most striking.
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The cycling lane for the Islands of Venice

cycling venice
Islands of Venice, is a fascinating cycling path which traverses the Venetian countryside from Cavanella d’Adige to Bibione, and crosses many locations: Chioggia, Pellestrina, Venice Lido, Punta Sabbioni, Cavallino, Lido di Jesolo, Eraclea Mare, and Portogruaro to finally arrive in Caorle.
It's a beautiful cycle path, part of the largest tourism project for cycling tourism in Venice, and integrates services for tourists and bikes. The project has its own signs and bike transport can be arranged with the local ferries.

Bike lane beaches

The bike lane beaches have allowed us to know this particular territory which is formed by the Lagoon, from the sea and from rivers and canals running through the nearby countryside. After about 55 km, and you arrive at Caorle. We think it's worth taking a whole day for this hike, and maybe staying overnight in Venice.
The route is well signposted and follows bike paths. You can stop for a rest in many places and see the landscapes of Eastern Veneto, as well as many monuments: amongst others in Jesolo you will find the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the city walls and the historic campaign of Eraclea, the famous pinewood of Eraclea and the Laguna del Mort.

 The green route of Jesolo

Another beautiful route around Venice, literally surrounded by greenery. Starting from Via Dragon to Jesolo you will arrive at the Caligo Tower, where you take a dirt road into the Interior of the Lagoon. You will discover many animals and birds, with a very rich vegetation all the way up to Lio Maggiore, where you continue along the "silver and gold" of the River Sile. Along this green path you will find many beautiful restaurants and refreshment stands that sometimes also offer accommodation.

The North Lagoon: from Treporti to Lio Piccolo

A mythical route along the Northern Lagoon of Venice, where you will find many sights to take beautiful travel photos of. It is a pathway full of colours and shades of the earth, water and sky, as well as having many birds along the way. Coming by bike is a real bonus. This route starts near the Ca'Savio, passes by the old village of Treponti and continues up to Lio Piccolo, for a total distance of about 30 km, and offering evocative glimpses of the Lagoon and its landscapes for everyone.
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