My first solitary cycling journey could not be made except by a special occasion and it was my graduation. The program was, to say the least, approximate since on a Friday afternoon I made to think about the journey (to be achieved in one week, not to far from home, cheap and in a country where the temperature was acceptable in February) and on Sunday I started. Initially the idea was to ride along a stretch of the Danube cycling path: close to "mine" Trentino but certainly far from "hot" I was looking for... discarded! Another idea: Camargue and the south coast of France to Barcelona (where I went to visit an aunt): too far... is not feasible! That's why i choosed to ride Corsica by bicycle.

Corsica by bike, perfect winter destination

So here's the bulb that has turned on: CORSICA. It's relatively close and the temperature is a little more lenient that in Trentino. And the sea in winter has always fascinated me (I, who live among the mountains?!?). Ok, after having choosen the destination, i should program a bit my tour, at least a little bit... just to be sure i will fail to follow my starting idea.
Two days later i find myself on a ferry: leaving Italy from Savona in the evening, i reached Bastia on Monday morning. From there, after having mounted bags and tent on my bike, i headed north to Cap Corse, then the Calanches, with Calvi and all ports on the west coast up to Ajaccio and Propriano. After three days on the coast i turned inward to return to  Bastia, visiting Corte and the mountains, which attracts me nearly as much as the coast! 

Slow bicycle touring

Then I had to cut the route to Aullene, during the crossing of the island, returning to Solenzara on the coast, because of my lack of training (I had only 300 km on my legs before leaving!). I have always supported and believed that a bicycle tour allows you to discover places with a slower pace, enjoying the journey more: if I had continued on  the programmed route, perhaps I could bring it to conclusion but I should have to "run", remaining all the time on the saddle and I wouldn't enjoyed landscapes, meetings ... the journey! And basically what counts when you travel is not the goal itself, but the path made for it!
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Slow bicycle traveller with a passion for writing and photography. If he's not traveling he loves to get lost along the thousand paths that run through the beautiful mountains of Trentino and Lake Iseo surroundings where he lives, both on foot and by mountain bike.
Eternal Peter Pan who loves to realize their dreams without leaving them too long in the drawer, has devoted much of his life to cycling, traveling in New Zealand, the Balkans, Norway Argentina and many other countries. Lately he spent ten months by bike in South East Asia and crossed the Andes by bike.

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