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If i could...i would be...
Two writers...Terzani and Kapuscinski
A book...The shadow of the sun
A movie...The shawshank redemption
A photographer...Steve McCurry
A Nation...Tutte quelle visitate finora
A natural beauty...Iguaz├╣ waterfall
A city...Perth
A song...Wish You were here (Pink Floyd)

I was born on a cold December in the mountains, and the first thing I thought when I came into the world was, "Let me get awayyyyy...". After a few years I could manage to do it just to put myself in a colder country: Patagonia! Mindful of my early thoughts and the desire of warm, after several European raids I left my precarious and unsatisfactory job to fly on the other side of the earth for one year of Working Holiday in Australia. The more i was away and the more I realized the beauty of my region, and so I came back, but the mocking fate wanted me to meet a character with the Journey illness to terminal state (this is whose you read below)... so, after a couple of years, here is the great journey to the East: ten months cycling in Southeast Asia... Between one trip and another, MTB has become a constant companion with which to explore the trails around home and when I'm not on the bike or I don't have the boots on, I like to take up my Nikon to observe the world around me with new eyes... and now, a pearl of wisdom that never hurts: the thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the other, lead me to always be prepared to deal with unusual situations and to try new incentives, comparing and putting myself into play, to live life to the bottom without being influenced by the society and its quirks.


If i could...i would be...
Two writers...Cacucci e London
A book...Saltatempo
A movie...Dead Poets Society
A photographer...Abbas
A Nation...Messico
A natural wonder...Dolomites
A city...Queenstown
A song...Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)

Crazy by nature, improvised climber and neophyte bicycle traveller, i wander around Trentino that so kindly adopted me since three years! I am a bit the Cyrano of my family and since several years I am sick of traveling. I admit it: I'm a little hyperkinetic but if there is to go, i go, if there is to stay, well... i go anyway! After a wasted youth listening to noise (as my parents called it!) and playing volleyball, I decided it was time to turn the page and I went to New Zealand. With a German guy, crazier than me, I wandered around Aotearoa far and wide, mainly on foot, then I came back home without a penny (oh yes, there were already Euros)! The strange case of life let me know Leo, a travel lover, and together we started (and now sadly ended) a great new adventure on two wheels in Southeast Asia... but he has already told you that! Bicycle is freedom and when you don't use it, you miss it like the air... oh yes, traveling is a illness and hopefully next one will be the legendary Panamerican!

If you're not too bored, you can explore this site reading our travel diaries, discovering some MTB itineraries on the Dolomites or some hiking trails watching our pictures

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Slow bicycle traveller with a passion for writing and photography. If he's not traveling he loves to get lost along the thousand paths that run through the beautiful mountains of Trentino and Lake Iseo surroundings where he lives, both on foot and by mountain bike.
Eternal Peter Pan who loves to realize their dreams without leaving them too long in the drawer, has devoted much of his life to cycling, traveling in New Zealand, the Balkans, Norway Argentina and many other countries. Lately he spent ten months by bike in South East Asia and crossed the Andes by bike.

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